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China’s air pollution crisis shows no sign of ending

China’s air pollution crisis shows no sign of ending

China is suffering from the heavy and toxic smog, the northern provinces are covered with the thick smog cloud for a month. Despite all the environment initiatives, the air pollution crisis is strong as never before, say the experts.

The current air pollution crisis in China is one of the worst ones, the December-January smog catastrophe affected 460 million people. China was going to reduce the using of a charcoal as a main source of energy for the industry but coal is still the major cause of an air pollution.

The Chinese government spent billions for renewable energy, 200 new coal power plants will be built across the country. Indeed, in December the northern part of the country choked with the smog, Beijing residents are suffering as well from the lowest quality of air.

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WHO, China, and ‘war on pollution’

World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the north Chinese cities like Shijiazhuang, have recorded air quality of 1000 PM2.5. PM2.5 are fine particles less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter that can lodge in the lungs and get into the bloodstream. According to WHO standards, anything over 25 PM2.5 as a health hazard.

The Chinese people are frustrated because cheap coal has powered China’s economic miracle and still provides 70 per cent of the country’s energy. At the same time, such a huge scale of the air catastrophe hits the health, causing a wide spectre of diseases.

The middle class in China even displayed in the social media its protest, the Chinese users demonstrate their anger, demanding the Government take action and protect the children from the destroying impact of the smog. People say the Government’s ‘war on pollution’, now in its third year, has not delivered results at all.