Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

China’s Cloning A Possible Threat To U.S. And World?

What is sure to change is the way the world deals with the controversial issue of cloning, it’s been announced that a Chinese company, BoyaLife is backing the first commercial cloning facility that is said to produce millions of animals per year.

This huge undertaking is like something from out of a science fiction movie but it is real states Xu Xiaochun who is the chairman of the biotech company behind this endeavor. He knows there will be controversy and resistance from western governments but China marches to its own tune and there’s no turning back now.

The company will primarily produce beef. Then clones of people’s pets and who knows what else. Cloning is banned in Europe and in the Americas but the genie is out of the bottle on the technologies to clone and China stands to make a major windfall by reproducing the best genetically fit animals over and over again providing food and other animal related products at their behest.

The company partners with a South Korean company called Sooam Biotech that already clones dogs for around $100k. So far it’s reported the cloning facility has produced over 500 dogs.

Controversy also follows the S. Korean scientist and company head Hwang Woo-Suk who cloned the first dog but fell from grace when he entered the stem cell industry and got busted for providing fake technology in 2006.

This development in cloning, no doubt has the U.S., Britain, Europe, and every other country opposed to cloning trembling with fear. So much rides on this technology as the western countries state that the technologies are still immature but the Chinese and Koreans have proven over and over that it can be done. The other concern is whether experiments with humans are being done. It’s a sure bet they are but are being held secret until the subjects have grown and matured. Think of the ramifications, China cloning its top athletes and soldiers just like in the “Star Wars” movies, creating an army of super people. The technology is here and so is the motivation.

The world will be watching China from now on and the probability that the cloning technology will get out of hand and in the hands of the irresponsible and criminal is inevitable. What monsters and abominations will arise from this even imagination can’t tell.

The Clone Wars are on.