Today: Thursday, 23 May 2024 year

China’s Gun Totin’, Grenade Throwin’ Robots


The Xinhua news agency profiled the release of what China says are its first responder defender and assault robots, the next step in tackling terrorism.

Truth be told, any technology that can help to fight terrorism is highly welcomed and as long as it works, all the better. The Chinese engineers have presented three primary robots. The first is a reconnaissance robot that checks for deadly gases and other such dangers, the second robot diffuses any bombs and handles other types of menaces, the third is the minor assault weapon that has recoiless rifles, and grenade launchers.

These are like something out of the movies, but they’re real and with more micro technology applied will be an awesome addition that not only doesn’t put law enforcement in danger but can thwart the efforts of terrorists. It’s a good bet that more money and energy will be poured onto these types of technologies and other countries are fast joining in. China has its own terrorists to deal with and the rest of the world is unaware because their news services are told to shut up about the events. Especially in western China where tens of millions of Muslims and Christians live. China won’t tolerate terrorists hence these new robots will be deployed all over and the results they’ll hopefully share with other law enforcement agencies to see how effective they are.

Imagination can take place here and envision that bigger and better robots, armed with lasers or even more lethal and defensive weapons could be created. Drones have already proven their value and with greater processor speeds and smaller devices, the robots will get boosts in AI or Artificial Intelligence making them able to make decisions on the fly, interpret environmental data, and perhaps predict the actions of criminals in hiding.

Should these devices fall into the hands of criminals it would be difficult to not have countermeasures. Criminals wouldn’t have the resources to manufacture them as the same level as government, so that would be to the better advantage.

As time goes by, China will be able to test and re-test these robots to see how well they endure and perform. Terrorists will need to be on their toes as the U.S., has developed micro drones and bots that can spy and deliver lethal ordinance. Perhaps the battle against terrorism will bring all countries together to help battle terrorism wherever it raises its sinister head.