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Chinese army unit on social networks urged to prepare for war

Chinese army unit on social networks urged to prepare for war

The military formation of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) published a short message on the official account on the social network Weibo, which urged to prepare for war.

The official account of the PLA 80th Army, headquartered in Weifang City, Shandong Province, posted the message “Prepare for war!” The formation consists of three motorized rifle brigades, as well as a tank, artillery and air defense brigade. The 7th air regiment of the PLA Air Force and a brigade of special operations forces were attached to the army.

Later, in the comments to the publication, representatives of the 80th Army clarified that the message was timed to coincide with the 95th anniversary of the creation of the PLA and added that “preparation for war is the main responsibility of the Chinese military.”

Earlier, the Guangdong Maritime Security Administration reported that China’s naval forces (Navy) had begun a two-day military exercise in the South China Sea. According to the agency, the maneuvers will take place on July 29 and 30 in the western part of the Qiongzhou Strait, which separates the southern province of Guangdong from Hainan Island. Also, the exercises will be held in the water area southeast of Dawanshan Island. Other details of the upcoming maneuvers are not disclosed.