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Chinese contactless hotel employs just two members of staff

Chinese contactless hotel employs just two members of staff

A Chinese hotel chain Leyeju is perfect place for staying, taking into account the coronavirus. The hotel employs just two members of staff, it operates with an entirely automated experience. Being a completely contactless, Leyeju Smart Hotel is growing fast, the chain has plans to open between 100 and 150 new hotels in China, Springwise reports.

The COVID-19 pandemic made “contactless” the new watchword in all types of business services. When it is about the contactless hotel, the Chinese Leyeju remains a leader. Meanwhile, a variety of chains are taking notice of the modern idea.

In fact, the first smart hotel opened in Japan in 2015. Three years after, Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba Group Holding opened FlyZoo Hotel in Hangzhou, which employs facial recognition technology. Now, the Beijing-based Leyeju Smart Hotel is developing a chain of smart, contactless hotels.

Contactless hotel, a smart solution for COVID times

The contactless hotel with only two staff members is just a perfect option during the epidemic. Customers make reservations online through the website or app. They check in with facial recognition and are guided to their room by robots.

Once inside, lights, temperature control and water are controlled automatically. The automation allows each hotel to operate with just one or two employees, in case of emergencies.

Even the housekeepers are managed remotely – they work part-time and use an app to arrange their schedule. Because there is no concierge, Leyeju Smart Hotels also do not need a large lobby, lowering construction costs and creating additional space for rooms. Altogether, operating automatically lowers Leyeju’s operating costs by around 40 per cent over conventional hotels.

The business trend to be contactless is on the rise

Leyeju’s smart hotels also make use of AI and IoT technology to improve services based on how guests use their rooms. The company currently owns all of its properties directly, but they are considering offering franchises.

The COVID epidemic proved that “the brand vision of ‘releasing technology value and creating smart life’ is loved by young business travellers.”

While chains like Leyeju move to a contactless model, other hotels are innovating with architecture and customer service.