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Chinese foreign minister may visit Japan in October

Chinese foreign minister may visit Japan in October

The Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi will reportedly pay a visit to Japan next month, NHK reports.

Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi likely could travel to Tokyo to meet the newly installed prime minister and his Japanese counterpart. The face-to-face meeting would be Suga’s first with a senior Chinese official since he took office earlier this month, following the resignation of Shinzo Abe on medical grounds.

As can be seen, China and Japan had many common interests and plenty of scope for cooperation, Xi noted during his recent interview to the CCTV. President said he hoped the two neighbours could maintain stable supply chains, a mild transparent investment and trade environment. In addition, increase the quality and level of their cooperation is a must.

China’s foreign ministry did not respond to requests for comment on Wang’s possible visit, indeed.

Japan-US cooperation should be boosted: PM Suga

Another key point is the newly elected Japanese PM places the Japan-US alliance at the core of his diplomacy but is also keen to maintain communication with China to build stable relations. While the head of Japan’s government is expected to convey as much in his meeting with Wang, he is also expected to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when he visits Japan early next month.

October meeting comes amid growing tensions between USA and China. On balance, the two leaders agreed to pursue high-level contacts in a bid to promote regional and international stability.

“Stable relations are important not just for our countries but for the region and the international community. I want to fulfil that responsibility,” the first minister Suga told to NHK.

Xi had been expected to visit Tokyo earlier this year, but the trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus. Suga said he and the Chinese leader did not discuss rescheduling the visit while their telephone conversation on Friday.

Equally important is a plan of the Japanese lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to hold a joint military exercise between Japan and the US near the disputed Senkaku Islands. That disputed zone in the East China Sea in response to patrols by Chinese coastguard vessels in what both Beijing and Tokyo consider their own territorial waters.