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Chinese intelligence has taken the US Navy under the hood

Chinese intelligence has taken the US Navy under the hood

China will soon become the country with the largest and most powerful navy, overtaking the United States. At the same time, Washington has long been under the “intelligence cap” of China.

US military analyst Timothy Heath of the non-profit research organization RAND Corporation said that the new Chinese ships are putting the US Navy to work.

“The last defense of aircraft carriers against anti-ship ballistic missiles is now gone. An aircraft carrier can be found, identified and tracked. And this data, of course, can be transferred to Chinese military target designators, ”he said.


Previously, you had to manually examine all the data. and now the Chinese are using artificial intelligence for such tasks. The PRC already has a developed network of ground-based radars, airborne sensors and satellites, data from which is fed into powerful computers.

The expert also believes that China will expand the number of its military bases. At the same time, the country’s authorities are trying to protect the entire Pacific Ocean from the United States. Given that Washington has long since started a trade war with China, they are enlisting the support of nearby countries.