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Chipotle’s new approach to social distancing with live streaming

Chipotle’s new approach to social distancing with live streaming

For Chipotle Mexican Grill and many similar food-drink businesses, the lockdown is not a problem but an opportunity. The company comes up with innovative ways to market themselves and their product while the people used to live in self-isolation.

The Chipotle is now offering free delivery and tamper-proof packaging at many locations in the US. In addition, the famous restaurant chain hosts daily “Chipotle Together” sessions on video conferencing site, Zoom. Such sessions include celebrity guests and are aimed at younger consumers.

While people try to understand the rules on social distancing, Chipotle Mexican Grill entertains its customers with the sessions can include up to 3,000 fans, who are not required to book a conference room on Zoom.

Chipotle’s activity impresses: in many cities and states, restaurants have been ordered to close or switch to delivery and takeout only. This is on top of a decrease of around 65 per cent in year-on-year restaurant occupancy. The main aim is to keep employees working.

Chipotle reacts as quickly as correctly to the coronavirus challenges

In fact, Chipotle is already a leader in digital marketing thanks to 2020 Super Bowl. The creatively thinking corporation has reached more than 95 million people with a branded hashtag challenge on video app TikTok and has rolled out voice ordering through Amazon Alexa.

Chipotle has already built drive-thru pickup lanes, dubbed “Chipotlanes,” it also increased digital orders, which topped $1 billion in 2019, is a key part of Chipotle’s growth strategy and may help the company to weather the coronavirus storm.

This latest campaign inspired by the coronavirus may well help to keep the employees working and increase the company’s popularity throughout the crisis. In other words, the Chipotle has shown the example of creativity under the toughest time. It set an example to other businesses struggling at the unexpected lockdown globally.