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Chopard creates a 6-piece jewelry set from the Queen of Kalahari diamond

Chopard creates a 6-piece jewelry set from the Queen of Kalahari diamond

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, the jewellery brand Chopard knows it very well, last week it presented an unbelievable 6-piece jewellery set – Garden of Kalahari collection. All the six pieces were made from the one huge diamond the Queen of Kalahari.

The stunning diamond from the mine of Botswana weighs 342 carats, it’s about the size of a tennis ball, all these facts now became a history after the professionals from Chopard art laboratories transformed the magical stone into the luxury collection Garden of Kalahari.

The Queen of Kalahari diamond was found in 2015 in Botswana’s the richest mine Karowe, which astounded the world many times before. One of its record stone was the 813-carate Constellation diamond, in 2016, the Swiss jeweler de Grisogono bought it for $63 million.

Chopard made all needed preparations and created the exquisite 6-pices set, a real miracle from the diamond of D colour, Type IIA. Initially, the massive Queen of Kalahari diamond was acquired by Chopard and cut into 23 pieces­—five of which weigh more than 20 carats.

Chhopard Garden of Kalahari collection

The entire process of the Garden of Kalahari collection’s creation took 10 months, the set was launched in January 2017. The collection comprises a convertible necklace, earrings, a bracelet, two rings, and a watch (prices available upon request), each of which has an ornate, lacy, floral-inspired motif.