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Clinton, Sanders Democratic debate preview 1

Clinton, Sanders Democratic debate preview 1

This PBS debate is truly how a debate should be held: aristocratic, civilized, lacking drama and full of material that’s already made known somewhere else.

The two Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spent majority of Thursday night’s Democratic debate in what Clinton tagged “vigorous agreement”, they only disagreed about the methods they would use to fulfill their common goals.

They together gave commendation to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. They both attacked Republican front-runner Donald Trump. They also both promised to offer illegal immigrants the hope of an American dream (citizenship), and to disband a criminal-justice system they believe treats blacks and Latinos unfairly.

They both excessively commended President Obama, when Clinton tried to accuse Sanders for not being supportive enough of Obama’s administration, then Sanders excessively reigned praises at him . “Have you ever disagreed with a president? I suspect you may have,” Sanders said, describing his disagreements with Obama as normal behavior between allies.

Clinton, who has battled to regain balance after the great loss to Sanders in New Hampshire, rearranged and repackaged herself as a more sensible, pragmatic progressive. She also displayed her well of experience as secretary of state, this shows that she has got a broader array of expertise than Sanders, which focuses largely on economic inequality. “I am not a single-issue candidate, and I do not believe we live in a single-issue country,” Clinton stated in her opening statement.

But, as the finished the debate, Clinton didn’t do much to establish how her goals were essentialy different from those of her opponent. And Sanders responded repeatedly by changing an argument about practical politics into an argument about morality. He was asked how he would make a single-payer health-care system work, Sanders boldly stated that it had to work, because to do otherwise would be unworthy of America.