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Clinton’s speech could lose her New Hampshire

Clinton’s speech could lose her New Hampshire

While Bernie Sanders has spoken clearly about what he would change if he gets elected for the White House, front-runner Hillary Clinton has always adopted an elusive speech during her campaign. With people wanting to hear what their leader can do for them, this could translate in a switch at the top of the Democratic nomination race, at least in New Hampshire, says The Washington Post.

Asked in the last Democratic debate what would her top priority be, if appointed at the White House, Hillary Clinton said a lot, but without actually telling something. “I’m for a lot of things. If I’m so fortunate to get the nomination, I will begin to work immediately on putting together an agenda, beginning to talk with members of Congress and others about how we can push forward”, said Clinton to moderator Chuck Todd, according to the same source.

Voters want clear ideas, Mrs. Clinton

She always spoke about clean energy, universal health coverage, lower prescription drug costs, paid family leave, early childhood education, assistance for small business, immigration reform, revitalizing manufacturing or infrastructure spending. You could say that those are all Democratic priorities and every candidate had them in mind, but neither one based his campaign on enumerating them all.

For example, Clinton’s rival at the Democratic nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, got his popularity from promising one thing: overthrowing the system. “So long as big money interests control the United States Congress, it is gonna be very hard to do what has to be done for working families”, said Sanders.

Bernie Sanders will exploit any Clinton campaign mistake

With this type of statement, the Vermont Senator rose in polls and could beat Clinton in New Hampshire, after the narrow defeat in Iowa.

After Trump lost his leverage to Ted Cruz in the Republican race after the Iowa elections, now we could see a bigger surprise: Clinton losing to Sanders in New Hampshire. Although the former Secretary of State leads in nationals polls, her victory is not so sure anymore.

Her campaign aides are updated with the voters latest claims and desires and wished to ensure everybody that Clinton’s emphasis on a range of issues is a strength, not a weakness. “Sanders has a direct message because he’s a single-issue candidate. Our point is that details matter and you need to be able to do all parts of the job,” said Clinton’s spokesman Brian Fallon, according to The Washington Post.

Continuing the Obama policy, the main idea

“I won’t make promises I can’t keep. What I will tell you is what I know we can do”, said Clinton at a campaign stop Friday, quoted by the same source. The former Secretary of state didn’t offer too much information on what she’s expected to do if she gets elected President, but continuing Obama’s legacy seems part of the plan.

But are her hesitations going to cost her New Hampshire? Her close victory in Iowa should be a lesson. Bernie Sanders is closing in and, unless she gives something to the people, voters will choose the candidate that is direct with them, that’s speaking about a concrete change. And that’s Mr. Sanders.