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Colombia, FARC rebels agree revised peace agreement to end 52-year war

Colombia, FARC rebels agree revised peace agreement to end 52-year war

Colombia and its government are doing their best to ensure that the 52-year with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is over. The President made a lot for the signing of a peace agreement with the rebels, but the Colombian people does not want to put up with this document. The recent referendum showed that half of Colombians voted against the approval of agreements with terrorists and murderers from FARC.

Colombia is experiencing the tough times, the government and the Marxist FARC rebels said on Saturday they agreed on a revised peace agreement to end a 52-year war. It important to remember that six weeks ago the initial accord was narrowly rejected in a referendum amid objections it was too favourable to the rebels. The Colombians cannot forget the atrocities of FARC rebels.

Colombia’s government and FARC had a round of the talks in Havana, first for four years. Both sides said they had incorporated proposals from the opposition, religious leaders and others.

FARC lead negotiator Ivan Marquez (R), government negotiator Humberto de la Calle (L) and mediator Dag Nylander of Norway. After signing a new peace accord to end their 52-year war, in Havana, Cuba, 12th November, 2016. REUTERS/Enrique de la Osa

Colombian president Santos hopes to unite the nation tore by 52-year-long war, all his hopes and aspirations are linked to the new deal. Unexpected results of the October plebiscite made the government revise some paras in the peace deal.

The October referendum showed that Colombian voters were deeply split, with many worried the FARC would not be punished for crimes and others hopeful the deal would cement an end to violence. The statement about new peace agreement was released on Saturday.

“We call upon all Colombia and the international community… to back this new accord and its quick implementation so as to leave the tragedy of war in the past,”

the two sides said in a statement.

Colombia: new peace agreement with FARC

Colombia is going to live further as a united country, with no internal war conflict. FARC leaders and negotiators from the government are doing their best to make this new peace accord perfect.

The new document will not modify a controversial part of the accord that gives the FARC 10 congressional seats through 2026 or prevent rebel leaders from eventually being elected to political posts.

Copies of the new accord will be made public on Sunday. The government is not going to hold a second plebiscite to approve the accord, though some opposition figures were already demanding one via Twitter.

In his televised address, President Santos explained that FARC will be required to present a complete inventory of its assets, which are destined for victim compensation. According to the leader of the nation, the peace agreement will not be integrated into Colombia’s constitution.