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Colombia peace deal: FARC to stop the fighting

Colombia peace deal: FARC to stop the fighting

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos said about the reaching the peace deal with FARC, a non-state actor and the largest rebel group. The fighting between government and FARC is going on over 52 years.

Colombian President recently outlined the steps that will have to be taken for the peace deal to take effect and the FARC to effectively demobilize and disarm. The peace talks are reportedly finalized, but there’s a lot to do for government and FARC for taking into effect this historical peace agreement.

The FARC should disarm, and while there is some uncertainty about the exact order of the procedure, and individual points of an agreement. For an instance, average Colombians know nothing about it.

Earlier, the government of Colombia and FARC have been made some partial peace deals, on their basis now is finalizing current peace agreement. There’re a lot of questions, among them how many seats in Congress the FARC will have during the transitional post-conflict period. President underlined that the government has an “education” mission, using TV and radio commercials and publications on social media publications to explain the peace deal.