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Colombia is shocking: Peace deal with FARC is defeated

Colombia is shocking: Peace deal with FARC is defeated

Colombia in shock now because of results of the referendum that became an absolute surprise for the government of Colombia. The people refused to sign a peace agreement with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Too many Colombians have suffered from the atrocity of Marxists, so signing a peace deal with FARC now people found unacceptable. Results of voting are simple: 50.2% Colombians are against the peace deal with FARC.

A Colombian government shocked with the results of Sunday’s voting on the peace deal with FARC. The people of Colombia is not intended to make a peace after all that cruelty and terroristic acts of the FARC rebels. The peace deal that the president and the country’s largest rebel group had signed just days before was defeated in a referendum on Sunday, leaving the fate of a 52-year war suddenly uncertain.

As a matter of fact, the only narrow margin divided the yes-or-no vote, with 50.2 percent of Colombians rejecting the peace deal and 49.8 percent voting in favor, the government said.

The result was a deep embarrassment for President Juan Manuel Santos. Just last week, Mr. Santos had joined arms with leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or the FARC, who apologized on national television during a signing ceremony.

The surprise surge by the “no” vote — nearly all major polls had indicated resounding approval — left the country in a dazed uncertainty not seen since Britain voted in June to leave the European Union. And it left the future of rebels who had planned to rejoin Colombia as civilians — indeed, the future of the war itself, which both sides had declared over — unknown.

Both sides vowed they would not go back to fighting, indeed.