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Congo’s Grauer’s gorilla moved to ‘critically endangered’ status

Congo’s Grauer’s gorilla moved to ‘critically endangered’ status

Congo’s Grauer’s gorilla is now in the list of the ‘critically endangered’ species, according to the International Union for the Conservation Nature. Red List of Threatened Species became longer for one species: the world’s largest gorilla in it since Sep. 1st.

Congo’s Grauer’s gorilla is the wold’s largest primate, says John Robinson, a primatologist and chief conservation officer at the Wildlife Conservation Society. A subspecies Grauer’s gorilla moved to ‘critically endangered’ status because of the extinction risk of its disappearing from the planet’s wildlife nature.

On Sunday, the IUCN has released an updated list of endangered species, in which Grauer’s gorilla from the Democratic Republic of Congo also included. Subspecies got a “critically endangered” status because just 3,800 Grauer’s gorilla remain.

The sharp decline in numbers for the world’s largest primate and one largely driven by geopolitical upheaval as the Rwandan genocide drove large numbers of refugees into the gorilla’s habitat. On the IUCN international meeting, which convenes every four years the scientists noted that:

“Over the last 20 years, 77 percent of Grauer’s gorillas have been lost; a 2015 assessment finds that just 3,800 Grauer’s gorilla remain, down from 16,900 in 1994.”