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Conor McGregor’s millionaire neighbours tired of the UFC champion

Conor McGregor’s millionaire neighbours tired of the UFC champion

Conor McGregor is not the perfect neighbour, the millionaires from Dublin exclusive neighbourhood believe. They just tired of Notorious’s numerous bodyguards who have been taking up a lot of real estates.

The UFC champion Conor McGregor hit again the headlines, but there is nothing about the mixed martial art. As a matter of fact, his neighbours claim the ‘Notorious’ has drawn the ire of his millionaire neighbours in an exclusive and quiet exclusive Ladycastle estate just outside of the capital of Ireland.


In particular, Mr McGregor’s numerous bodyguards took up a lot of real estates right beside the home rented by UFC champion. After moving Conor and his team, the u-turning in the area by car became much more difficult because McGregor’s bodyguards use the cul-de-sac with their autos.


Conor McGregor and Rolls Royce story

Conor McGregor is not fighting now because of the so-called vacation, but the UFC champion appears in the headlines on regular basis. Recently he was criticised by a luxurious car rental company after ‘Notorious’ was pictured standing on the hood of Rolls Royce, acting as if the car was his and not rented.

Prior to that, Notorious’s Lamborghini ended a wild sting of partying in someone’s tree. Nevertheless, it seems the Dubliner may have to reel his highly-paid bodyguards in before he finds himself on the outs.