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Conor McGregor’s new baby son’s account is available on Instagram

Conor McGregor’s new baby son’s account is available on Instagram

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin reportedly became the parents, the first photo of their newborn baby son is going to be the most followed person on social media. McGregor Jr is perfectly equipped for this life, the baby even has an Instagram account, a verified account!

Conor McGregor and his girlfriend’s baby son has already the verified account for ‘Conor McGregor Jr.’ While among the followers are only the parents (Conor and Devlin) as well as manager hub (Audie Attar and Paradigm – UFC champion’s management company), this account will be soon the most followed Instagram one.

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The youngster got his account on the social net even before his first bottle feed and dirty nappy, Conor McGregor has an unlimited sense of humour. There are rumours, that Conor’s life partner Dee Devlin gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Friday, but these reports are still unconfirmed. Probably, the 28-year-old UFC fighter himself is yet to break the news to the wider world.

Conor McGregor: family news

Last week, Conor had posted the image from the Coombe Hospital in Dublin, his followers concluded that is the hospital where Dee Devlin is going to give the birth to their first baby. Or she has already given, that is the main intrigue.

With the news that McGregor may have finally become a father, the little fella has followed his aul’ lad straight into the world of social media. McGregor has been spotted around Dublin in recent weeks as he awaits the arrival of his first child.

The UFC champion previously warned that “someone’s gonna get badly hurt” if they approach him and his new son, so the paparazzi have given the 28-year-old a wide berth.