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Coronavirus: Seoul reopens schools from May 13

Coronavirus: Seoul reopens schools from May 13

South Korea’s government allowed schools to reopen since May 13th. While the high schools will start first, all the others follow gradually, Asianews reported on Tuesday, saying that contagion coronavirus cases continue to decline in the Asian country.

As of Tuesday, 99% of the country’s schools have completed preparations for the reopening, confirmed the education ministry. According to its plan, the schools will reopen gradually next week.

In South Korea, high school students who need to prepare for the exams will begin on May 13th. The kids from elementary schools will be back to the school two weeks later, on May 27th.

South Korean Cabinet has been easing the restrictions over the past two weeks, which coincided with three major national holidays. Both social confinement and economic blockade become relaxing day by day, achieving encouraging results.

In fact, the country has registered 10800 infected, including 252 deaths since February.

Completely sanitized schools are ready to welcome kids

In South Korea, 99% of the country’s schools reported their readiness to the restarting of the educational process. Classrooms will have to be sanitized regularly and students will have to wear protective masks – the government has made 14 million available for free.

According to the new rules, to respect the social distancing, the lessons are also organized in order to avoid crowding in the classes. The infected will be able to attend lessons via the web from home.

Amid the global coronacrisis, Seoul has adopted a more “democratic” form of intervention than Beijing’s draconian one. Closing borders with China and quarantine allowed the health authorities to launch mass diagnostic tests to identify possible infected and map all their contacts with other people.