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COVID-19: gatherings suspended in many ASEAN countries

COVID-19: gatherings suspended in many ASEAN countries

COVID-19 outbreak made the Lao Government take preventive measures to avoid further spreading of infection. All gatherings of people for major celebrations in 2020 will be cancelled amid the coronavirus epidemic, VietnamPlus reports.

In Laos, the national steering committee for important celebration events of the Lao Party and State, has announced on March 12 that amid the latest developments of coronavirus outbreak.

As Committee ruled, Laos will cancel the row of massive public gatherings to celebrate major anniversaries planned for 2020 such as the 65th founding anniversary of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (March 20), the 45th National Day (December 2) and the 100th birth anniversary of President Kaysone Phomvihane (October 13).

The celebration of those important dates will be conducted through the issue of publications and via the mass media. According to Vice President, it is reasonable to require agencies at all levels and localities to postpone all events with big gatherings. The government also urged the public not to ignore strict precautions to protect themselves from a pathogen.

As of March 13, Lao has yet to report any confirmed case of COVID-19, while other Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have done.

ASEAN countries are taking specific measures to stop spreading covid-19. On Friday, the Education Ministry of Malaysia has announced the suspension of all outdoor assemblies and sports activities at schools nationwide.

In Thailand, the authorities warned that people returning from cities to their home provinces for Songkran New Year Festival could be a vector for spreading the coronavirus disease to older members of their families. As of today morning, the country reported 75 confirmed infection cases, including one fatality.

The Thai epidemiologist specialising in emerging diseases said large gatherings of local and foreign holidaymakers for parties could be a factor speeding up the spread of the pathogen if health measures to contain it are not strictly enforced.