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COVID-19 rates to be measured with ECG smartwatch

COVID-19 rates to be measured with ECG smartwatch

COVID-19 infection rates could be measured with the help of innovative smartwatch, Spingwise reports. As the researchers say, three 90-second “Vagus ECG tests” every day is more than enough to control the situation.

In fact, the cardiac/respiratory changes which occur early in the contraction of the disease can be detected with a specific “Vagus ECG test.” The special smartwatch was invented and designed by the ECG smartwatch manufacturer, Vagus. The hand-to-hand smartwatch aimed at collecting crowd-sourced open data of pre and post COVID-19 pathogen rates.

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, ECG smartwatch manufacturer, Vagus, has developed a crowd-sourced data collection campaign, which they are carrying out with the use of Vagus ECG smartwatches.

How COVID-19 tests work?

As WHO reports, infection rates of the coronavirus are increasing, that is why so important to catch the virus before it starts to show any symptoms. The aim of the smartwatch is to collect data from people before they are infected, and then to monitor them whilst they carry the infection.

The voluntary study consists of participants completing three 90-second “Vagus ECG tests” every day. The instruction is simple, it displayed on the watch, such as sitting with your hands on a table and can include a health status note, with measurements of body temperature.

These regular tests aren’t able to protect the organism from coronavirus but collecting the data helps to track disease progression, which is crucial.

Under the current situation, when COVID-19 crisis is escalating quickly, personal responsibility becomes the top priority. Although the ECG study can apply to any cardio-respiratory disease caught, the manufacturers are understandably currently focusing on the contraction of COVID-19, especially as there has been no other ECG recording of the Coronavirus before now. The “Vagus ECG test” and similar application, undoubtedly, are able to help forward research to curtail the pandemic.