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Crayons made with food-grade ingredients from discarded vegetables

Crayons made with food-grade ingredients from discarded vegetables

The next innovative step in the production of crayons is full biodegradability. The Japanese firm presented a set of rayons that come in 20 different colours, including 10 shades made from fruit and vegetables.

Japanese creativity is a well-known feature, but a legendary partnership between Mizuiro Inc and designer Naoko Kimura has impressed. They offer a sustainable alternative to traditional drawing crayons. A set of “Oyasai Crayons” is absolutely safe for children.

The crayons are made only with natural ingredients such as rice oil and rice wax from rice bran. According to the designer, the plant-based ingredients used to make the crayons are sourced from parts of the plant that would be typically discarded during harvest.

To make the natural crayon, the outer leaves and husks of vegetables are used, meanwhile, pigments have the same food-grade as those used for natural food colouring.

Oyasai Crayons: Colourful, healthy, biodegradable

The “Oyasai Crayons” meet the JIS standard which inspects standard for crayon strength. The firm has also passed a strict safety inspection from the European standard toy safety EN71-3: 2013.

Taking into account the creativity and safety level of crayons, “Oyasai Crayons” has been awarded numerous design awards.

The set of crayons includes 10 shades made from fruit and vegetables such as apple, carrots, purple potatoes, Japanese yams, green onions, burdock, corn, cassis and bamboo charcoal.

The designer stressed, however, that the crayons are not suitable for eating. But “Oyasai Crayons” is a safer and eco-friendly option for children to play with, they will definitely give parents some peace of mind.