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Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates 32nd birthday with family

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates 32nd birthday with family

Cristiano Ronaldo is 32 already! The football star was celebrating his next birthday on Sunday, the only nearest and dearest were with him. The Portuguese forward enjoys his short vacations: no football at all. 

Ronaldo is getting older, On Sunday, the star of Real Madrid celebrated his birthday, his guests were only mother and Christiano Jr, they are the most important people in the life of the world-famous athlete.

Cristiano’s mother is very proud of her son, last weekend she uploaded to Instagram photo where she is posing with tow Cristianos, son and grandson. Right next to them is birthday cake, figures ’32’ remind that Ronaldo is in his golden age. Mother captioned this family photo: ‘Congratulations.’

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 32nd birthday with his family on Sunday 

Cristiano is grateful to real Madrid for the short vacations, it gave him an opportunity to have extra time off to celebrate his birthday. In fact, the heavy weather made some changes in the schedule of games: the roof of the Rio Alto Balaidos Stadium where Real Madrid’s should fight against Celta Vigo was damaged by the storm.