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Cristiano Ronaldo officially became ‘Penaldo’ last night

Cristiano Ronaldo has broken another football record, the Portugal player scored his 57th spot kick in Real Madrid’s 3-2 comeback win over Villarreal. Such a news sparked a storm on Twitter, Lionel Messi fans even could find something to laugh about, they called Ronaldo ‘Penaldo’.

The legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo got a new fun nick from the fans of Lionel Messi, during Tuesday match with Villarreal, the Portugal broke an existing penalty record: Cristiano dramatically lived up to his billing when he scored his 57th spot kick. The previous record (56) belongs to the Mexican striker Hugo Sanchez.

Thus, Cristiano is now the leader of La Liga on the spot kicks, the Portugal has surpassed Sanchez and became a meme on the social networks as ‘Penaldo’.penaldoLast night, after the match, Villarreal owner Fernando Roig fumed at the decision, saying:

‘You all know about this. It didn’t hit him totally on the hand, but on the shoulder and the arm. It came from a rebound off a teammate. I don’t think it was a penalty.’