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Cristiano Ronaldo thanks Juventus fans for standing ovation

Cristiano Ronaldo thanks Juventus fans for standing ovation

Cristiano Ronaldo made his fantastic goal for Real Madrid, the athlete has thanked fans who came to the Juventus Stadium. The footballer proved his excellent skills and fans gave him a standing ovation after this stunning bicycle kick. That goal helped the football club to win a 3-0 over the Serie A side.

The football legend Ronaldo made the dreams of Real Madrid true this week when he scored twice to give his FC a 2-0 lead at the Juventus Stadium. All three goals have put Spanish FC in a better position heading into the second leg at the Bernabeu next week but it was Ronaldo’s ninth goal against the Italians.

In this season, Ronaldo was the most efficient goal-maker of Europe, he made nine goals and that his record is unbeatable so far, say the experts.

“Obviously people are talking about my second goal….it was a spectacular goal, possibly the best of my career,”

Ronaldo said after his fantastic kick and added that it was one of the nicest moments in his career. Cristiano confessed that to be applauded by the Juventus stadium, where so many great footballers have played, is a top moment for him.

“It’s something that stays in your heart…I want to thank all the Italians who were here in the stadium and applauded me,”

he said.

Ronaldo about his fantastic goals and the game

Ronaldo also admitted he had been trying to score a goal as spectacular as that for “a long time” as he notched his 13th and 14thgoals of the Champions League, leaving him just five off his record of 17 in one season.

“I scored once for the national team with a bicycle kick, which hit the post and went in, but this was a bit better.

“I had been looking to score a goal like that for a long time but it depends on the circumstances of the match. Sometimes, it doesn’t’ work, but you always have to try. I tried and I scored,”

Cristiano explained. According to him, that goal at the Juventus Stadium was as amazing as the game itself. Ronaldo stressed that Real Madrid team played nice and it is pretty logical that he is happy he helped the team. Two wonderful goals made the night unforgettable not only for fans but for Cristiano, too.