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Cuba rejects report on ailments by US, Canadian diplomats in Havana

Cuba rejects report on ailments by US, Canadian diplomats in Havana

Cuba on Tuesday rejected a US report that staff members at the US embassy in Havana were experiencing symptoms in 2016. Canada has also said more than a dozen of its embassy staff and relatives stationed in the Cuban capital city experienced similar symptoms.

Cuba’s Academy of Sciences said it disagrees with the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) December 6 report, even though it “made progress in defining the medical characterization of the causes and issued valid recommendations.”

According to Cuban scientists, there is no scientific evidence of the existence of radiofrequency waves and their harm to people, respectively.

In its release, Cuba’s Academy of Sciences has called it more “very unlikely” hypothesis than “demonstrated fact,” that a US government report concluding that directed radiofrequency was the most plausible explanation for enigmatic ailments suffered by US diplomats in Havana and elsewhere.

Four years ago, dozens of US embassy staff, largely in Cuba, reported symptoms that included hearing loss, vertigo, headaches and fatigue. That picture looks like a mild traumatic brain injury that tagged as the “Havana syndrome.”

While Trump’s office said the diplomats were attacked by some sort of secret weapon, Canadian diplomats from Havan supported that position. Cuba denied any involvement over the years.

Cuban scientists haven’t found any evidence of the existence of radio frequency waves

The Cuban Academy of Sciences said on Tuesday that the existence of radiofrequency waves is a fiction. Moreover, the report by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, commissioned by the US State Department and published on Dec.6, gives no scientific evidence of that physical fact.

“Cuba’s Academy of Sciences disagrees with the final conclusion regarding the causes of the ailments,” the academy said in a statement read to journalists by its President Luis Velazquez.

Velazquez added the “investigation about these health ailments has suffered from a lack of fluid communication between US and Cuban scientists.”

The White House said off the record they cannot cooperate with Cuba on such a sensitive investigation where its Communist government has a strong interest in the outcome.