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Czech President Petr Pavel took office.

Czech President Petr Pavel took office.

The elected president of the Czech Republic, 61-year-old Petr Pavel, took the oath and took office.

The inauguration ceremony at Prague Castle, which is broadcast by Czech Television, was held in the presence of members of both houses of parliament and guests.

Army General in reserve, former head of the NATO Military Committee Pavel won in the second round of direct presidential elections on January 28 this year his rival, dollar billionaire and ex-premier Andrei Babis, by a record margin of almost 17% of the vote. 58.32% or 3.35 million voters voted for Pavel, and 41.67% or 2.4 million people voted for Babis. Pavel received support primarily from residents of large settlements, intellectuals, youth, people aged 30-45, as well as Czech citizens living outside the republic.

The inauguration ceremony of the new president is traditionally held in the Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle. In medieval Europe, it was the largest hall intended for secular celebrations and entertainment. The ceremony is attended by about 800 guests – members of both houses of parliament, judges, rectors of universities, ambassadors of foreign states, well-known public figures of the country.

Pavel pronounced the text of the oath from memory. Then he signed it. In a subsequent speech, Pavel assured fellow citizens that he would honestly and faithfully serve his country and his people as president.

Pavel is scheduled to go out onto the palace balcony to greet fellow citizens and tourists gathered on the square, as well as laying flowers at the monument to the first president of independent Czechoslovakia, Tomas Garrig Masaryk. Then, a reception will be held in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle with the participation of about 2.5 thousand people.

The solemn ceremony will end with a joint prayer in St. Vitus Cathedral.


On Friday, Pavel intends to start current affairs. In particular, he will consider the appointment of a new head of the Ministry of Natural Resources. On Monday, Pavel plans to go on his first trip abroad – to Slovakia.
The presidency of Pavel’s predecessor, Milos Zeman, expired at midnight on Thursday. After Vaclav Havel, Vaclav Klausai Zeman, Pavel became the fourth president in the history of an independent Czech Republic (since January 1, 1993).