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Czech Republic negotiates with Oman on possible gas supplies

Czech Republic negotiates with Oman on possible gas supplies

Representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the two largest energy companies of the Czech Republic held talks with Oman to find out the possibility of delivering gas from this country instead of Russian.

Three deputy heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as representatives of the two largest Czech energy companies, held talks with the management of Oman LNG regarding possible purchases of liquefied natural gas, as well as investments related to its production and transportation. Negotiations will continue in the coming months at the companies level.

The Czech Republic is discussing the possibility of supplying energy resources simultaneously with several Persian Gulf countries, in particular, with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. According to Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Jiri Kozak, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic is intensively looking for opportunities to replace the supply of Russian raw materials.

“The Czech government is striving to find a solution that will replace gas supplies from Russia. Therefore, it is important to negotiate with all countries exporting gas. Oman is one of them. It is clear that we will not have gas from this country tomorrow. We must resolve the problems limited volume of supplies, their length, as well as the terminal through which the gas would be sent to us,” Kozak said.