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Daniel Craig’s James Bond is unfashionable: fashion experts

Daniel Craig’s James Bond is unfashionable: fashion experts

Daniel Craig’s Bond is too boring as for the modern 007 agent, believe the fashion critics. Bond’s neutral colours in his outfits, the suits and haircut urgently need some fresh touches. Mr Bond is a rather young person, taking into account his stunts and perfect physical shape. Perhaps Gucci’s Alessandro Michele should take over from Tom Ford as Bond’s tailor of choice?

Daniel Craig is going to be James Bond in the next Bondiane episode, and the stylists are concerned about 007’s style. It’s out of fashion, too boring, frankly speaking. While each of the actors who have played 007 have left a stylish footprint on the spy saga, Mr Craig’s Bond is sartorially out of touch.

Despite Daniel Craig is one of the best Bonds, he has so many beautiful grey suits and beautiful grey overcoats that it makes him almost a ghost. Probably, it is good for the spy but the fashion critics hope that Bond’s stylists will found for something different, fresher and more contemporary sets in.

Undoubtedly, there are three things, which are able to help improve the style of Daniel Craig’s James Bond.

Daniel Craig's James Bond is unfashionable

Bond’s new haircut

It is time to little more shape, maybe, some texture – some movement in James Bnd’s locks will be useful.

007 needs new suit

The men’s suit is extremely important for the style, for Bond, it is the most iconic piece in the wardrobe. In fact, there are very few things more significant in menswear than fit, there’s one trend that could move Bond’s suits in the right direction – a cropped hem. This will refresh the style of an undercover spy.

Daniel Craig's James Bond is unfashionable



James Bond’s style: a new colours

Too much grey and blue — both these colours undoubtedly flatter Mr Craig but there are many other colours. Taking into account that Bond’s neutral palette of blacks, greys, whites and blues are getting a little dull, the stylists need to experiment with the cream suit, limelight shirt and navy knit tie combo.