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Danish COVID-19 aid bound for India

Danish COVID-19 aid bound for India

Denmark’s authorities sent respirators to help India tackle the desperate health crisis. The medical aid bound to the Asian country is strengthening week by week.

The Danish development minister, Flemming Møller Mortensen, said he is shocked to hear about the sad situation in India, which is currently faced the toughest-ever health crisis. The Asian country reported more than 360,000 cases on April 27 only. That was the highest ever recorded in a day by a single nation.

Now, the Indian hospitals and crematoriums unable to keep up with the immense number of ill and died. Due to these developments, Denmark has announced it will send 53 respirators to help treat patients and 1 mln EUR to help the Indian chapter of the Red Cross tackle the challenges.

“With the contribution to the Indian Red Cross, Denmark will help to support ambulance services, procure protection equipment and curb misinformation about the illness. These are key efforts relating to fighting the pandemic,” Møller Mortensen said.

The 53 COPAC Boaray 5000D respirators come from the Capital Region and will be transported to India by the Danish Defence Ministry. The government estimates that sending the respirators to India will not encumber the Danish health services, India Express reports.