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David Beckham in UNICEF campaign to highlight child abuse

David Beckham in UNICEF campaign to highlight child abuse

David Beckham became a star in the video for UNICEF, its campaign dedicated to ending the violence and child abuse. The 60-second clip shows the animated tattoos on Beckham’s body, they are the scenes of violence against children.

The British football megastar and loving father-of-four is the UNICEF goodwill ambassador for a long time, recently David presented new clip in supporting the campaign against the violence.

The animations in the 60-second clip depict forms of violence that children endure in schools, homes and online. It doesn’t really matter what kind of violence it was, the marks last forever.

David shows his body and his tattoos, all of these marks chosen to represent happy or important memories. UNICEF’s message is simple: millions of children bear marks they have not chosen – the long-lasting scars of abuse.

The UN organisation developed the messaging too — U-report, that allows young people to report on issues affecting their lives, David Beckham invited young people to answer questions on violence against children.

David Beckham added:

‘When I launched my 7 Fund with Unicef, I made a commitment to do everything I can to make the world a safer place for children and to speak out on issues that are having a devastating impact on children’s lives.’

The footballer is a father of four,  he and Victoria don’t accept violence in any of its appearings. But not every parent shares Beckham’s view, according to the statistic, every five minutes, somewhere in the world, a child dies from violence. Violence can be physical, emotional and even sexual, such a moments could destroy their childhoods forever.