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David Goodall, 104, spends his last day with family in the garden

David Goodall, 104, spends his last day with family in the garden

The Australian scientist, 104-year-old David Goodall, made the hard decision. On Wednesday, he will end his long life voluntary. For him, an euthanasia is the only option, he said.

David Goodall, a 104-year-old Australian Professor, does not have a terminal illness but says his quality of life has deteriorated significantly in recent years and that he wants to die.

 “I am happy to have the chance tomorrow to end it, and I appreciate the help of the medical profession here in making that possible,”

he told a roomful of journalists that he was looking forward to finally being allowed to end his life. To realize his last wish, Professor Goodall went to Switzerland where euthanasia is allowed.

“Australia is behind Switzerland in this move, as are most countries,”

Goodall said at a final press conference in the Swiss city of Basel on Wednesday. Earlier, Professor said he would like to listen to in his final moments the final movement of Beethoven’s ninth symphony. The courage of this Australian man is unbelievable!

Voluntary euthanasia: Professor Goodall’ plan

The honorary research associate at Perth’s Edith Cowan University set off from Australia a week ago and stopped in Bordeaux, France to see family before arriving in Basel on Monday. Professor Goodall was speaking alongside Philip Nitschke, the founder of Exit International which helped him make his final journey, and Moritz Gall of Eternal Spirit, the Swiss foundation that has agreed to help him die.

During his last press conference, David Goodall said he is happy that his family supports him. They have rallied from the various parts of Europe and America and come to see family’s patriarch, so, he warmly welcomes the opportunity to see them, which he probably wouldn’t have had if he hadn’t pursued this Swiss option.

Assisted suicide has been legal in Switzerland since the 1940s, if performed by someone with no direct interest in the death. Professor David Goodall spends his last day touring the Basel University Botanical Gardens with three of his grandchildren.