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Death toll rises to 30 in terror attack in Turkey

Death toll rises to 30 in terror attack in Turkey

Death toll on the wedding in the Turkey has a great resonance among the international community. At least 30 people were killed and 94 others injured in a blast at a wedding ceremony on Saturday. The tragedy took place in southeastern Turkey, where guests were celebrating just on a street.

The “terror attack” in Turkish wedding in the southeastern part of the country took away 30 lives, sais governor. Other 94 people were transported to the hospital with the injuries. The wedding was celebrating in the Beybahce neighborhood of the Sahinbey district of Gaziantep province, according to a statement by the governorship.

A traditional summer wedding in Turkey was interrupted by the blast of a bomb, which caused 30 deaths, many guests and people from the street are heavily injured. President Erdogan condemned the attack in a statement:

“Those, who cannot overcome Turkey and try to provoke people by abusing ethnic and sectarian sensitiveness, will not prevail.”

Erdogan promised to make no difference between the jihadists, if they attack a civilian population, the government strengthens the security measures.

So far, there was no immediate claim of responsibility, according to Samil Tayyar from the ruling AK Party, the ISIS jihadists were believed to be behind the blast.