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Denmark presents largest vertical farm grows vegetables

Denmark presents largest vertical farm grows vegetables

The Danish engineers from Nordic Harvest have presented the largest ever vertical farm, which is fully wind-powered and does not use pesticides. Amid the pandemic, cooperation between sustainable farm technologists and advocates of rewilding and reforestation lead to substantial positive changes, according to Springwise.

The vertical farm is able to grow vegetables indoor, said the inventors from the sustainable food production startup, Nordic Harvest. To intensify the efforts and effectiveness, they signed an agreement with Thai vertical farm tech experts, YesHealth Group.

While the Nordic country produces more wind energy than it uses, the vertical farm additionally reduces its carbon footprint. As everything is grown indoors, there is no need for pesticides.

The Nordic Harvest’s systems are already capable of growing 200 metric tonnes of produce a year, the engineers say. The innovative facility will be expanded to grow 1,000 tonnes annually by the end of 2021.

Supermarket sales are expected to begin later in the year, and the farm team plans to harvest crops 15 times each year.