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Denmark to close its embassy in Tanzania

Denmark to close its embassy in Tanzania

Denmark’s foreign affairs ministry announced an important move, a closing of its embassies in Tanzania and other countries. The reason is the restructuring of the Danish foreign service in order to deliver on the government’s priorities.

The head of Denmark’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod said that his priority now is to ensure the security and safety of the Danish people in the third world where “democracy, human rights, and our values are coming under increasing pressure.”

In addition to Tanzania, Denmark also closes its embassy in Argentina, its Consulate General in Chongqing, China and Trade Mission in Barcelona, Spain.

The Friday statement released by the foreign ministry said the reorganisation will contribute to the implementation of Denmark’s new strategy for development cooperation.

“This reorganisation is to help us target the efforts we make, both here at home and out in the world, so that we can make the biggest possible difference,” the top diplomat Jeppe Kofod said.

Denmark, Tanzania enjoy cooperation for years

The government of Denmark will at a later stage present a new foreign and security policy strategy which will include the restructuring of the country’s reorganised relations with other blocks such as the European Union (EU), The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the United Nations (UN), the Arctic and Africa, the statement said.

Over the years, Denmark and Tanzania have enjoyed warm and constructive relations, The EastAfrican reports. Many politicians, government and business officials, scientists, and activists from respective countries have formed close relations and engaged in constructive and lively discussions.

Tanzania, the poor East African nation, was the first African country with which Denmark initiated a development assistance partnership in 1963 shortly after the Tanzanian mainland, called Tanganyika, became independent.