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Denmark: unemployment at lowest level since 2009

Denmark: unemployment at lowest level since 2009

Agency Statistics Denmark’s numbers showed a significant decrease in unemployment rates since 2009, the unemployment continues to fall, TheLocal said.

Danish unemployment rate is falling year to year since 2009, the latest figures of the Agency Statistics Denmark shows the lowest proportion of people out of work for nine years. Another good news that the number of people receiving social welfare support for their income to have decreased by 1,400 in June. According to the recent press release, the total number for the ‘net unemployment’ measure at 107,300 while according to a different measure, the unemployment has increased slightly.

“Net unemployment is therefore at its lowest level since 2009, both in terms of the percentage of people unemployed and the number of people in full-time work,”

Statistics Denmark confirmed.

“Until summer 2016, net unemployment was falling, followed by an increase up to July 2017. Since July 2017, there has again been a downward trend,”

the statement continued.

Denmark’s business should employ more people

The Economic Council of the Labour Movement (ECLM), an economic policy institute and think-tank, said however that businesses should employ more people on the fringes of the labour market and implement more full-time positions.

“Even though the unemployment queue is getting smaller, there are still around 200,000 people in work that want to work more,”

ECLM director Lars Andersen wrote and added that if businesses want to increase labour supply then it would be prudent to create more full-time positions. The employing more immigrants and refugees, creating more internships are key points in the decreasing unemployment rate. In Denmark, businesses have for too many years failed to take enough responsibility for the training of future skilled worker, the experts said.