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Department Of Homeland Security Aided Illegal Aliens

Department Of Homeland Security Aided Illegal Aliens

In a breathtaking revelation regarding a lax of responsibility from the Department of Homeland Security and some of its adjunct agencies, the group Judicial Watch has uncovered a scam whereby documents prove that DHS knew a group of illegal aliens had lied about the reasons for their admittance into the US.

It was an immigrants watchdog group called the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NITA) that perpetrated these crimes by telling the illegal immigrants to falsify their admission data to say they had ‘credible fear’ of returning to their home countries thus allowing American agents to enter the country illegally. It all falls under five categories by which immigrants can ask for asylum

Persecution over race
Political opinions
Membership in certain groups

The sub-agency of DHS that took part in this scam is the CBP or Customs Border Protection. They actually admitted knowing about the scam and acquiesced to the illegal immigrants anyway.

The use of the ‘credible fear’ option is so widespread now, that during the last five years the number of immigrants using this ploy has jumped from 5,000 to 36,000 and rising rapidly as more learn about it via social media and word of mouth.

There are several dangerous issues here that have gone unhandled and it is a mockery of justice to say the least. First of all, the fact that the agency knew these people were lying and did nothing just shows why the federal level of protecting the citizens of the US is slipshod at best. In addition, there’s no telling what kind of heinous criminals got into the country this way, perhaps even terrorists.

With DHS having to juggle a myriad of responsibilities, this one just slipped through their fingers and heads should roll. In light of the White House calling for allowing Syrian refugees into the country and promising to screen them, that all seems doubtful given the US’s chronic incompetence and compliance with the illegal immigrant trade.

This disclosure by Judicial Watch should have the public in an uproar. It’s obvious the US government could care less about the illegal immigrant issue and has continuously put the American people in harm’s way. The US government keeps assuring its people that they’re on the ball regarding terrorism but they can’t or won’t engage in the process of protecting their own borders for some reason that escapes all reason and responsibility.

It will end though when one, just one of these slip-through illegals commits an act of terrorism and whoever is in the White House is going to have some ‘splainin’ to do.