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Disposable toiletry bottles made of soap

Disposable toiletry bottles made of soap

The eco-friendly toiletry bottles could be made of soap, Central Saint Martins post-graduate student, Mi Zhou, said. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s report said that one-third of all waste in landfills comes from personal care products.

The toiletry package made from vegetable oil-based soap is another invention of the creative students fro the Central Saint Martin college. The disposable bottles is able to be formed in a mould and then dyed using mineral and plant-based pigments.

Mi Zhou, a student inventor, insists that the plastic packaging’s era will soon be ended. The alternative to the toiletry’s package is her brand, Soapack. While plastic remains the biggest environmental curses of our century, many of the worst offenders come from the cosmetics industries.

The toiletry bottles made of soap is a new thing, Zhou says. Her brand, Soapack, is not only an environmentally-friendly solution to the problem of plastic toiletry packaging, but its products are very aesthetical. The bottles are made from vegetable oil-based soap, which is formed in a mould and then dyed using mineral and plant-based pigments.

Beeswax prevents the bottles from dissolving too fast

Beeswax helps to prevent the eco-packaging from dissolving before their contents are used up. Every bottle is lined inside and out with a thin layer of beeswax. Once the contents are gone, the bottles can be used as soap and will eventually dissolve.

According to Zhou, the idea is not a brand new, similar approach used to use for edible food packaging. The future designer just applied a reasonable ‘green’ idea to the cosmetics packaging.

“As a designer, I want to rethink the current mode of producing and consuming of these products and also critique disposable package materials,” Zhou said.

The soap-made bottles look fun and decarbonize the cosmetics industry. According to Zhou, the modern consumer should use alternatives to respect our environment better but not compromising in user experience.

The young designer joins a host of other designers who are created eco-friendly solutions to the problem of plastic packaging.