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DNA samples help to build migration maps of North America

DNA samples help to build migration maps of North America

DNA of any America may be sent to the team of for the forming as full as possible DNA base. It could be helpful for the scientists to find out more about the migration map of North America.

The paper published in the journal Nature Communications describes the innovative method of the scientists from who gathered and analysed a huge massive of information to plot the course of human migration across North America.

Now, Ancestry can supply the Americans with the DNA kits for the collection and submission their own DNA samples. In such way, both sides benefit from this co-operation. Meanwhile, the users get a family history profile, the genetics from Ancestry are getting the unique real data that can be used to create profiles.

So far, Ancestry team has collected an impressive database — more than 3 million DNA samples. This will help them to create migration map, the cultural cluster maps of North America, an accurate picture of early human migration, and to mark the settlement patterns.

This unprecedented database is getting bigger as more customers send in their DNA samples, giving scientists unbelievable accuracy of data.