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Dodon accused the President of Moldova of destroying the state.

Dodon accused the President of Moldova of destroying the state.

Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon accused the current head of the republic, Maia Sandu, of destroying the state, the politician made the corresponding statement on Saturday, commenting on the decision of the authorities to ban six opposition and Russian-language TV channels.

Earlier on Friday, the Moldovan authorities on Friday suspended the license of the opposition and Russian-language TV channels Primul in Moldova, RTR Moldova, Accent TV, NTV Moldova, TV6, Orhei TV, which allegedly cover information about events in the country and Ukraine in bad faith, which leads to the risk of misinformation.

“Sandu is not only unable to effectively govern the country, but also deliberately destroys it. It destroys the economy, destroys social cohesion, destroys interethnic balance, destroys people’s faith in tomorrow, destroys democracy, destroys justice, destroys the opposition and the fourth power – the media,” – Dodon wrote in his Telegram channel.

The ex-president noted that the degree of tension is growing in society, which can result in a social revolt.

“Discontent is growing, citizens are running out of patience. I feel it every day, at meetings with them in villages and regions. I don’t think that the authorities feel and understand how people’s anger is growing. I don’t think that ambassadors who tolerate or approve of all Sandu’s lawlessness , they really understand what kind of revolt is brewing in society … It is obvious that the PDS will leave together with Sandu, and then they will definitely answer for all their abuses. They will answer not only before the law, but also before the people’s tribunal, created by citizens who have been humiliated and forced to suffer all these years “, summed up Dodon.