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Dodon called on the opposition in Moldova to unite.

Dodon called on the opposition in Moldova to unite.

Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon called on opposition parties to unite, and not compete with each other, luring supporters.

Earlier it became known that two members of the Socialist Party left the faction of socialists in the Parliament of Moldova and intend to support the Movement for the People, created by the Shor party.

“The opposition parties had to communicate, show their character, create a united front of struggle, and not compete with each other and hit in the back, secretly playing along with the authorities … Having destroyed the right-wing parties, Maia Sandu, her party and their external curators began to crack down on the left flank” , – Dodon wrote in the Telegram channel.

According to him, today the opposition looks weak and divided. Nevertheless, Dodon believes that political changes in the country are inevitable.

“This chaos will be stopped one day. And today I understand better that the chaos in the opposition will disappear when, upon returning to active politics, we reunite with all those who really want to fight, regardless of which party they are from,” ex-president said.

Earlier, Socialist leader Vlad Batryncha said that the Socialist Party insists on the adoption of a draft law that prohibits the transition of MPs from one party to another.