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Dodon commented on the idea of ​​Moldova joining the EU without Transnistria.

Dodon commented on the idea of ​​Moldova joining the EU without Transnistria.

The statement by Moldovan President Maia Sandu that Moldova can join the EU without Transnistria is a betrayal of the motherland, the ex-president of the republic, leader of the opposition Party of Socialists Igor Dodon said.

Earlier, Sandu said that she does not exclude the possible integration into the EU of only the right bank of the country, without Transnistria. In her opinion, the conflict can be resolved after joining the organization.

“Maia Sandu’s statement that we can join the EU without the Transnistrian region is a real betrayal of the motherland. You are trying to “sew” on me a case of betrayal of the motherland, when you yourself are ready to give up part of the country’s territory. You will be left without the EU and without Transnistria,” Dodon said at a briefing.

Last October, the hearing of the criminal case against the ex-President of Moldova Dodon began. According to the charges brought against Dodon, he is accused of receiving a bribe of up to $1 million from the former leader of the Democratic Party, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. Allegedly, this money was requested by the ex-president to pay for the current expenses of the Socialist Party, including to pay salaries to employees of the same political force. The former president completely denies his guilt and believes that the cases against him were brought for political reasons.