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Dodon says the delivery of military supplies for Ukraine through Moldova is possible.

Dodon says the delivery of military supplies for Ukraine through Moldova is possible.

Ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon does not exclude that a military cargo to Ukraine passes through the territory of the country, the politician made the corresponding statement on Thursday evening on the air of the Chisinau TV channel.


Earlier, the head of the republic, Maia Sandu, in an interview with Politico, said that the country should abandon neutrality in order to join a major military alliance. The newspaper noted that Sandu did not specifically mention NATO, but had previously repeatedly stated that the neutrality clause of the constitution could be revised if the population were in favor of rapprochement with the North Atlantic alliance.

“Photos and videos of trucks moving from Romania to Moldova and further to Ukraine have been repeatedly published on the network. It cannot be ruled out that they are transporting fuel, delivering military supplies to a neighboring country. As long as Maia Sandu (President of Moldova) provides comfortable conditions for Ukraine, Western partners  will turn a blind eye to all the lawlessness committed by the current government,” Dodon said.

The ex-president noted that Sandu’s rating is rapidly falling due to rash actions. The opposition is politically persecuted in the country, TV channels are closed, the authorities make statements about the refusal of neutral status and talk about their interest in acquiring NATO weapons for the national army.

“I’m worried that Western partners may force Sandu to provoke the outbreak of hostilities within the country. Her rhetoric and statements about war are alarming. What kind of war? Russia is not going to attack Moldova, Romania too. Sandu’s rating is declining, the risk that the actions of the country’s leadership can lead to internal conflict, persists,” Dodon believes.

Earlier, a deputy from the ruling Action and Solidarity Party (PDS) in Moldova, Oazu Nantoi, called on the country’s leadership to abandon dialogue with Pridnestrovie and change the status of Gagauzia within the republic, saying that the Gagauz people perceive autonomy as some kind of statehood, and promote the Russian language in as the main. Later, PDS spokeswoman Aurica Jardan told Chisinau journalists that Nantoi did not coordinate or coordinate his statements with the party leadership.

However, Gagauzia itself declared the need “to strictly and immediately suppress the actions and public statements of government officials and other persons leading to a split in society and inciting ethnic hatred in the country.” The deputies of the people’s assembly (local parliament) of the region noted that the central authorities block the legislative initiatives of the representatives of the autonomy and violate their rights and freedoms.

Last year, a series of anti-government protests took place in Gagauzia, during which residents of the autonomy expressed dissatisfaction with the rise in food prices and the rise in the cost of utilities. Deputies of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia appealed to the leadership of Russia with a request to consider the possibility of supplying gas to the autonomy at affordable prices. Then the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, announced attempts to destabilize the situation in Gagauzia, where, according to her, they support Russia on the Ukrainian issue, after which the special forces of the Moldovan police unexpectedly held anti-terrorist exercises in the region. Many politicians and public figures regarded them as pressure on the inhabitants of the autonomy, whom they want to intimidate.