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Does anyone actually love Windows?

Does anyone actually love Windows?

The Anniversary Update of Windows 10 raised a lot of questions, users of our planet is divided in their opinion regarding the most popular OS. Some of them use this operation system, rest simply has to live with it. So, there is the question: Does anyone actually love Windows?

Ubiquitous Windows 10 in our daily life became a reality, many of users don’t like this OS, but has to use it. From the point of view of programmers,  there is a lot of bugs in Window 10, even the updates are not able to get rid of them totally. But it is the Windows: use it or leave it. Shifting to the Apple soft is not the best option in many cases, so millions of users riding Windows.

The best option as of today is next: people move to Windows 10 anyway, many specialists need an access to DirectX 12. But after installing the Windows 10 and updating the system every second user is disabling obtrusive Windows Update. Time to time it re-enables because of need the patching, after all, Update is turning off again.

The main problem of Windows is its attempts to support the enormous range of peripherals, devices, and equipment that can interface with Windows. An idea is great, but in real life, it doesn’t work in proper way. As a result, too many missteps and mistakes along the way, pity.