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D’oh! US Gives 45 Minute Warnings To ISIS Before Bombing Them

D’oh! US Gives 45 Minute Warnings To ISIS Before Bombing Them

In what seems to be another absurd and imbecilic effort on the part of the United States regarding the war against the terrorist group ISIS, new comes to the fore that the US actually gave ISIS 45 minutes warning before bombing their oil tankers.

Stop for a minute. What’s wrong with this scenario? You’re waging war against a terrorist group that has no morals nor ethics whatsoever and you drop thousands of leaflets warning them that you’re going to bomb them.

Yes, it’s that absurd.

According to reports, the US dropped the leaflets to warn civilian drivers of ISIS oil tankers that bombings of the tankers would occur. It stand sot reason if the civilians know the bombings are coming that ISIS knows too and can easily get out of the way which defeats the purose of bombing in the first place.

Whomever the idiot is or agency behind this debacle should be taken out and horsewhipped. It’s beyond absurd to warn your enemy to ‘get out of the way’ when your primary goal is to stop them by killing them. Scaring them doesn’t work with terrorists. They’re insane.

This tactic is just another example of American warfare incompetence that’s been going on far too long. It’s taken the Americans over 15 months to bomb the ISIS oil resources and only did a pitiful job at that, whereas Russia has decimated the ISIS oil strongholds with resounding efficiency.

Critics are just in crying foul on this issue. It’s as though the Americans are playing patty-cake with ISIS and with more data coming out that it was the Obama administration that funded ISIS in the first place, this all looks like the US is trying to cover its rear end should ISIS come forward and tell the truth behind their weapons and capital support.

It’s bad enough that Russia is making the US look foolish in regard to saving the world from ISIS, but to have a report showing that the US is actually warning its enemies before attacking is just sheer embarrassing to say the least.

If things couldn’t get worse, documents are emerging that prove the Pentagon and White House, along with their allies, had known a group like ISIS would arise and hopefully overtake Syrian President Assad. This was part of the reason for the 15 month delay in bombing ISIS targets sources say.

If so, if the rise of ISIS is due in any part to the White House, heads should roll. What had begun as a civil conflict in another country has now turned into a worldwide menace that can only be solved by severe and overwhelming violence.

Way to go White House.