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Dolph Lundgren says ‘Russia is lucky to have Putin’

Dolph Lundgren says ‘Russia is lucky to have Putin’

The Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren has said that Russia is ‘lucky to have’ its president Vladimir Putin who ‘keeps an eye on goddamned order’. Russia today has enough power and wisdom thanks to its leader.

Dolph Lundgren noticed that Hollywood had started using more Russian villains in films because the US always needs someone to play ‘the bad guy’. That is an inevitable reaction to Russia’s rise, believes the 59-year-old film star.

According to the Swedish actor who often has played Russian characters like Nikolai Rachenko in the Red Scorpio or Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, he used to watch the news from Russia. Speaking about Vladimir Putin for Cafe, a Swedish publication, Lundgren said:

‘I think Putin’s good as president.’

Dolph added that Putin’s presidency made a lot of good for Russia because its leader looks after his country. Lundgren added that if there was some weakling in Vladimir Vladimirovich’s place, who knows how things would end up.

The Swedish star praised Mr Putin for its image and ability to represent the great country in a calm, respectable and strong manner.

‘Your President Vladimir Putin seems like a calm, collected, mature politician, and someone who always has a plan,’

said the actor who has joined other actors including Steven Seagal and Gerard Depardieu in making positive comments about the Russian president.