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Donald Trump became the most disliked presidential nominee

Donald Trump became the most disliked presidential nominee

Donald Trump made a new negative achievement – according to the Gallup’s survey the Republican politician became the most disliked election’s participant in the last 60 years.

Representatives of Gallup said that Donald Trump broke records in negative grades in organization’s surveys. In the latest poll participants graded politicians on a 10-point scale. Trump got second-lowest or the lowest rating among 42% of respondents.

These results made the Republican presidential nominee the most disliked participant of general elections in the last 60 years. Trump broke Barry Goldwater’s record with his 26% at lowest point in 1964. However, Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton made the same achievement with low ratings among the 33% of respondents.

Gallup says the survey can’t be treated as a trusted basis for election results’ forecasts. The history shows former presidents like John F. Kennedy or Dwight Eisenhower had low ratings, but still became chiefs of the US government. Gallup mentioned that polls’ ratings weren’t too credible in the past because people were not ready to express their true opinion about candidates. Modern voters are more honest. They made Trump a “champion” in dislike – for every 2 people who view him positively, another 3 view him negatively.

Donald Trump rejected anti-Semitism charges

Gallup survey’s results were not the only Trump’s negative achievements. The campaign of the Republican nominee started a real “firestorm” in the Internet with their last twit that blamed Hillary Clinton in the corruption. Users saw an image of the Star of David in the image. However, campaign’s representatives and Trump explained that the star was not an attempt to give an anti-Semitic sense to the twit, but just a shape of the sheriff’s badge.

“The social media graphic used this weekend was not created by the campaign nor was it sourced from an anti-Semitic site,” said rump campaign’s social media director, Daniel Scavino in a statement. “It was lifted from an anti-Hillary Twitter user where countless images appear.”

“The sheriff’s badge — which is available under Microsoft’s ‘shapes’ — fit with the theme of corrupt Hillary and that is why I selected it,” Scavino added.

Scavino also said that as the campaign’s social media director, “I would never offend anyone and therefore chose to remove the image.”

The campaign deleted the tweet within a few hours, but has yet to acknowledge a mistake or promise any inquiry into the tweet.

“I’m not sure who tweeted this out,” Trump aide Ed Brookover told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Monday on “New Day.” “We corrected it. There was never any intention of anti-Semitism.”

“There’s no anti-Semitism in Mr. Trump’s body, not one ounce, not one cell,” Brookover said.

Trump’s recently ousted campaign manager Corey Lewandowski also rejected outrage over the tweet as “political correctness run amok.”