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Donald Trump, a candidate the GOP doesn’t need

Donald Trump, a candidate the GOP doesn’t need

The fact that a lot of important members of the Grand Old Party don’t fancy the scenario in which Donald Trump wins the nomination and faces – most likely – Hillary Clinton in the battle for the spot in the Oval Office is not a secret anymore.

Not once senators and party leaders expressed their disapproval regarding Donald Trump, especially due to this whole image he created for himself, of a candidate that it’s not afraid to speak his mind, but without thinking about how the media will interpret this.

Is the result of the nomination already known?

As for the businessman’s point of view, a lot of people have heard his latest statements, after the Colorado primaries, where he didn’t manage to get a single vote, after the system was changed. Donald Trump claimed the GOP rigged the elections, in order to help Ted Cruz win the nomination. Of course, he might have already let this go, after his result from New York.

But back to our problem, Donald Trump still has a lot to go until he wins the nomination and we have all the reasons to believe that he is simply not the candidate the GOP needs. Oh, and it’s not just us saying this. Here are a few examples of situations in which Republicans indirectly said that they don’t like the current front-runner…

Yesterday, Republican strategist Cheryl Jacobs sued Donald Trump for defamation, seeking $2 million. The decision was taken after the businessman and campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, previously charged with battery, made false claims against her. But this is just a drop in the ocean, since there’s way more you should know about!

The GOP is using dirty tactics

After his victory in New York, mainstream Republicans are trying to blacklist Trump’s staff. Their purpose is to open up the nomination process to candidates who didn’t run for president, using parliamentary tricks. Of course, this is a very risky strategy, but once again confirms the fact that the GOP wouldn’t be happy with Donald Trump as their nominee.

But what does the Donald himself think about this whole situation? Well, he might not care that much, if we think twice. A few weeks ago, when there were rumors about him being banned from upcoming GOP debates, Donald Trump said he would not rule out the idea of running as an independent. After all, he is the only candidate who could afford such thing.

Trump is a popular candidate!

Does he stand any chance, even as an independent? Definitely. As the folks over The Atlantic say, Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for Middle Americans, the angriest and most pessimistic people in the U.S., who, when Trump came along, said “That’s my guy”.

We can totally understand this, as he is far from your average presidential candidate, but not in a good way. No, not at all.

Will the GOP get rid of Trump and send another candidate to fight the Democrats? Very unlikely, but hey, there’s always room for surprises!