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Donald Trump can’t help himself when it comes to attacking Ted Cruz

Donald Trump can’t help himself when it comes to attacking Ted Cruz

As the date of the Iowa caucuses gets closer, the fact that Donald Trump uses every occasion he has to attack Ted Cruz to the max doesn’t come as a surprise anymore. This Sunday, during NBC’s “Meet the Press”, the Republican front-runner’s first words were aimed at the Texas Senator.

What is Ted Cruz trying to say with the new ad?

It all started after hos Chuck Todd began the show with the latest Ted Cruz ad, criticizing Donald Trump‘s support for eminent domain, the government’s power to seize private property, as a way of making way for public development projects, says Politifact. The ad also quotes, Mr. Trump as saying, “I think eminent domain is wonderful.”

“It made him rich — like when Trump colluded with Atlantic City insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow for a limousine parking lot at his casino,” the also states.

When his turn to a comeback came, Dronald Trump totally contradicted the Senator’s campaign ad, accusing him of false advertising.

“I have to tell you his ad is wrong because I never knocked down that house. I wanted to get that house to build a major building that would have employed a tremendous numbers of people, but when the woman didn’t want to sell, ultimately I just said forget about it. So he’s got me bulldozing down a house, I never bulldozed it down, it’s false advertising,” he said.

So, who’s right in the end?

After a short talk with Chuck Todd, it’s more than obvious that neither Ted Cruz or Donald Trump know exactly what happened in this situation. Still, the Republican claims that Mr. Cruz’s ad got him “bull-dozing down a house”, something he never did.

Politifact says that Donald Trump might be right, as the house he talks about was never taken down, as a result of eminent domain and he didn’t earn that much from this deal, since the case for eminent domain didn’t pan out.

Ted Cruz has a point, in some way or another

As for Ted Cruz’s point of view, Mr. Trump actually wanted to take over the property, but the state Superior Court opposed this, ruling in the woman’s favor, an aspect which wasn’t mentioned during “Meet the Press”, as Politifact also states.

Of course, this won’t be the last time one of the two Republicans attack each other, at least until February 1, when the Iowa caucuses will happen. Also, it will be very interesting to see if Donald Trump will prepare a comeback, by launching a similar campaign ad, criticizing Ted Cruz.