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Donald Trump criticized CNN for the design of the book about recent elections

Donald Trump criticized CNN for the design of the book about recent elections

Donald Trump wrote on Twitter yesterday that CNN made a bad choice for the cover of its book about the last American elections.

Organization used one of the Trump’s photos as a main part for the front cover of the book Unprecedented. President-Elect claimed that CNN chose the worst his image for this purpose. However, Trump didn’t explain which version of the book he meant, as there is an additional inaugural edition.

President-Elect already showed reverential attitude to his images in newspapers and other types of media. According to reports, he discussed this issue with NBC News in November. Trump complained to network’s President Deborah Turness that it didn’t use good pictures of him.

President-Elect’s behavior caused an active response on Twitter – man users started to upload unflattering pictures of Trump after his comments about the CNN’s book and November discussion.

Donald Trump was called “mentally unstable” by Rosie O’Donnell

Uncomplimentary images weren’t the only critique that Trump got on Twitter. On the first day of the new year comedian Rosie O’Donnell used this social media to call President-elect a criminal and mentally unstable person. She based her opinion on Trump’s recent actions. For example, status “mentally unstable” was given to the President-elect because of his behavior during the meeting with own biographer Harry Hurt III. The man claimed Trump kicked him off the golf course at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida last week because he was unhappy with his book.

“TRUMP IS A CRIMINAL,” O’Donnell, 54, also tweeted, sharing another news story questioning Trump’s claims about saving American jobs.

O’Donnell has a longstanding conflict with Trump, and both sides don’t hesitate to engage in ad hominem attacks. They already insulted each other. Trump called O’Donnell a big, fat pig, while she named him a “turd”. The comedian also suggested last month that Trump’s son Barron can have autism. However, O’Donnell apologized for these words, and explained it wasn’t an insult attempt, but a try to raise awareness, because her 3-year-old daughter Dakota had recently been diagnosed with autism.