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Donald Trump Doesn’t Like Muslim Women

Donald Trump Doesn’t Like Muslim Women

In a take off of the famous or infamous jibe by controversial rap artist Kanye West, we have to look at what happened recently at a rally for Donald Trump, where a Muslim woman in traditional dress was criticized and escorted out of the rally for her silent protest during Trump’s speech.

The woman, Rose Hamid, protested by just standing up and being silent. Soon she found herself the target of wisecracks, hostile commentary, and finally, an escort out of the rally. Her treatment has raised a backlash that Trump is going to have to address one way or the other.

So far, no apology from Trump has been made, even with a push by the Council on American-Islamic Relations to get the billionaire GOP frontrunner to apologize. It’s unlikely however that Trump will apologize. Given his past behavior he’ll use the opportunity of controversy to put himself back into the spotlight where he can bellow out further volatile rhetoric.

Hamid may have brought this on herself and she has to ttake some responsibility. She did in fact disrupt Trump’s rally and speech as well as the audience’s attention. She has the right to protest but in the way she did, she shouldn’t have been surprised when they asked her leave and then forcibly did so.

Donald Trump has been at the center of controversy with his declaration that he would bann Muslims from entering the US. This enraged not only Muslims but others as well. Trump tries to justify this by pointing to the problem of Muslim extremists and their terrorists acts. Many Americans agree with Trump and President Obama has denounced Trump’s comments and Trump has responded by either ignoring him or sending out caustic commentary.

The issue of Muslims and the US is continuing hot button issue that’s not going away anytime soon. It will be a major part of the upcoming nomination process for both parties as well as the presidential election itself. The protest by Rose Hamid didn’t involve violence or disarray but was poignant enough to garner worldwide attention toward Trumps blatant bigotry against Muslims in a manner that brought embarrassment to his campaign and he’s got some damage control to remedy this. The effectiveness of Hamid’s protest and it might cause more peaceful type protests that will dog Trump til the final voting.

Peaceful protests may be just what the Muslim community needs to get the attention of the powers that be and actually make the changes necessary to bring about a greater sense of amity to hopefully whittle down the animosity toward Muslims and bring about peace.

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